WATCH THIS EVERYDAY AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE - Kevin Gates Motivational Speech 2023 (2023)


In this sequel to our previous Kevin Gates motivational video, Kevin Gates reveals powerful life advice that most men learn too late in life. Watching until the end is highly recommended!

Kevin Jerome Gilyard, better known by his stage name Kevin Gates, is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur.

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Thank you.

We live by this we die by this.

We don't surrender.

We don't retreat.

Every man must search his own soul.

Every time I really soul-searching with yourself getting with yourself sitting along with yourself and working through them, psychological traumas, emotional, traumas, I'm, a general.

So I'm, always on the front line as a general, but I got to be able to look at each one of my soldiers and see what they need, whether it be psychologically, whether it be helping them with emotional intelligence to navigate their emotions, whether it be to show them how to nurture themselves, whether it be to show them how they exhibit that confidence and find that confidence in themselves.

I got to be able to look at whatever need that it is and it's beautiful that God allowed me to go through all of these things because I'm a greater blessing, I embrace.

The things that happen to me in my past with a sense of positivity I, replace that negative emotion attached to it with a positive emotion and I'm grateful for everything that happened.

You love yourself cause I, love myself.

So if you don't love yourself, how you gonna be able to love me properly, so many men that have been through that kind of all day every day and I made a space in a safe place for me and to be able to start healing a masculinity don't have to be toxic.

It can be sacred.

You can love yourself so much.

And not when I look at people in their eyes, I see myself of different versions of myself and me being a nurturer if I could Aid and assist you along your journey, then cool if I can't, then cool, just sometime me being able to just give you a look up I understand what you're going through just speaking to somebody could change their day, that's, a cry for help.

When you see somebody going to the gym three four times a day, something not right with him, but something wasn't right with me.

And as men we'll go to the gym and just kill ourselves and hurt ourselves in the gym to keep from hurting somebody else, it's a lot of men that suffering silence.

They come up to me.

They hug me in the gym they cry right there when they see me when you say suffer in silence, do you know how powerful that is we do it's a lot of us that suffer in silence I'm.

The one who's trying to take my own life I'm, the one who said these things so other people understand it's, okay to feel like this.

But this is the way that I I changed it around I, take all of that negative, emotional energy and I, put it and I turn my pain in a passion I, put it into something that better serves me and Humanity I worked hard for these results.

I suffered I went through the fire.

Adversity builds character, I wouldn't, give it up God, bless the dead cause I ain't gonna give it up I gave him all and I ain't getting nothing from it.

Gotta Be, Love, I'm up and rank and I ain't, push one button.

We we had it with faces, I ain't, getting uncovered I know, they still trying to get something punished.

This is me being triggered like this emotionally, where does this stem from? So it always takes me going back was it of a time in my life where my mama or somebody in the family made me feel like I wasn't seen or made me feel like I wasn't, good enough or made me feel like I wasn't worthy like you'd be like he's so cold-hearted it's, not that we co-hearted, but we know it's all a matter of time before we go back to jail.

So I can't, even love.

My children like I want to I can't get close to my wife, because when I go to jail, I don't want to be in there stressing about them.

I went on Mike, Tyson and talked about me and him shared a a story about us.

Both being molested like I'm, the only rapper that living a truth ain't, nobody living in a truth I'm gonna preach to you with my actions when I utter with my mouth, my actions must prove and the greatest teachers teach when I was speaking and that's, just always been my philosophy cause I'm still learning.

And one of my biggest lessons is I'm learning to love the stranger.

That was once myself, my mind don't, even think prison because I've mastered it in the facility I go to I'm going to be in a leadership position because I know how to do that that's, not nothing that's.

This child's play to me.

The hardest thing is to can you come out here from nothing and be greater than what you was before.

If you being factual like I said, I'm, not the richest man in the world I'd have been broke most times and I'd have been Rich.

I'd have lost way more fights than I'd have won, but I won the ones that count.

When you met me, you never saw me wear jewelry.

My brother died and I only wear diamonds cause Mazzy.

He loved jewelry.

The beautiful blessing about growing up poor is you did not really experienced and dealt and lived with every type of behavior pattern that you won't ever deal with in life.

Yeah, man at an accelerated pace.

So you wasn't shielded from the real world, that's the beauty and growing up poor or growing up in poverty, you already dealing with everything.

So you already know how to navigate, it ain't been a time that I wasn't scared or I, didn't, how I feel it's? Okay to have feelings, but I operate and I face that fear with bravery take us always recognize guilt Boom.

The hardest thing for me to do was to set boundaries and say, no.

And and this is the year that I've been putting the energy back into myself for the first time in my life I had to make other people feel uncomfortable because misery loves company anybody I saw in shape I had to make it not cool to be in shape I had to make it.

Not cool to look good.

I was miserable I was the most negative person to be around I wouldn't want to be around me.

I was negative.

Everything I do is emulated.

So I am new I was chasing something that I already have the law of limited states that whenever two opposing forces cannot come to an agreement unless I always rules, the greater, and you know, I come as I.

Am I don't, drink, no more I, don't, smoke.

No more I go to the gym I don't have no security.

I am free a lot of people out there.

That's really want to do the right thing.

But they put too much on themselves.

I did the small stuff.

The little things add up to the big things like you start smile and work your way like anybody that would say get into fitness, I start out walking and drinking water, I wouldn't, even change my day every year in life right now, the right path you where you're supposed to be don't rush, it slow and steady anything slow people show anything fast don't, leave just you having that intention to want to make those changes.

Anything that go on in the body is energy.

Yeah, we are energy.

We can take that energy, translated and transform it into what we needed to transform into right it's.

Just about knowing Faith isn't something that you just think and believe right it's that it's that it's that substance in your heart where you know, man, I know, I can beat it.

This is the first time I can say, I've been proud of myself.

A lot of my results came from, um beating myself up being hard on myself and I.

Guess? That was, you know that was a way of like, um dealing and working through like a traumatic past and I, just got to the point where I'm able to laugh at myself, I, just I'm I'm back able to stand up and do it from a standing position.

You know, you do it on your knees, but I'm able to stand up I was doing that first, but I had kind of ripped one of my ab muscles.

My body, wasn't, ready.

I was doing it prematurely.

So now I'm to the point where I could do it like standing up.

And when I was doing it at the gym I had kind of like slipped a little bit and I laughed at myself.

Yeah, it sound good to be able to laugh at myself and not be embarrassed and not care about what other people think.

So for the first time, I really been like happy and I've been I've been cautious of what I speak to myself like my biggest expert, Muhammad Ali, I'm gonna show you how great I am.

He suffered he's suffered.

They made it hard for him, but he smiled he found a way to smile through it.

All yeah, he suffered.

He died doing what he loved and I had really had put it in my mind like this music, I love.

It I'm gonna dive I, love.

It I, can't, I, can't, stop but die for this I love.

It that much I'm gonna die for it when a man meets his mission him.

And his mission become one I'm gonna die for this.

But when you live in your spirit and in truth, you make all of the wrong people uncomfortable anyway.

So, hey, hey, I wasn't made for everybody to like you.

Once you change your perspective, that's when miracles happen, it was a blessing for me because I gained a greater understanding of myself I don't have to engage with the world I create my own world around me, foreign.

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