How Much Kpop Idols Earn From Magazine Covers, US Talk Shows, Music Shows | Jimmy Fallon Paid Jimin? (2023)


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Yes, K-pop Idols do get paid when they appear in Korean music shows.

And when they appear in U.S shows like late night, talk shows the pay is vastly different.

However, in either show, they really don't earn a lot that could be confusing.

Yes, they get paid, but they don't earn it's because they spend more time.

And of course, money in order to make those appearances than the actual compensation.

They get, although some Idols do get sponsorship deals for their outfits.

They still need to pay for let's say, makeup artists, or the salary of their team, food, transportation and others when they have to fly to the US like what jimin did to appear in Jimmy Fallon show.

The expenses, of course, go up let's go through it with more detail, foreign and share the video.

If you can okay, let's, go back to the video, how much do K-pop Idols make when appearing in U.S stock shows celebrities in the US have a union, the SAG Afra, or the Screen Actors, Guild, American, Federation of television and radio artists and the AFM or American Federation of musicians members of these unions who appear on post-late news.

Talk shows get a union mandated fee for their appearance.

Currently it is 553 dollars if they are non-union members as in the case of K-pop artists, they make about half.

But yes, they get paid how an artist can become a member of sag Afra and AFM is another video.

Let me know if you want me to discuss, however, even if you are a non-union member, you may still get more if it is the show that invites you, for example, when Ellen DeGeneres had her afternoon, talk show, she would invite you to viral Superstars.

She would cover the expenses, including travel and food.

And then she gives them gifts that could include cash gifts.

If the appearance was initiated by an artist's representative, then they get paid according to what is required by regulations.

Also talk shows pay async or music publishing fee.

When songs are performed in their show shows or networks have a standard licensing agreement, how much do Idols make when appearing in Korean music shows anywhere between 35 and 450 more popular Idols will most likely get 400 450 per appearance.

We are talking IU level.

If you are new, you will probably get less than 50.

M countdown is notorious for paying the lowest about 35 dollars.

This data have been confirmed by multiple sources, including former reporter.

And now YouTuber hijino, a former Idol who debuted in the group mad town in 2014, Yu sung, Moon author of the book, girl group economics and others.

Now before you make a comparison do remember that the cost of living standards and regulations are very different between the US and South Korea.

For example, you can probably still get a 600 room for a long-term lease in Seoul, not in La, regardless both countries pay close to nothing for TV appearances.

How much do the management company and artists spend to appear in a U.S stock show, they spent for travel, clothing, makeup security, backup dancers and others for Kpop Idols.

Most groups will most likely do a promo tour or include promotional activities when they do a tour this way, they maximize their travel expenses.

When Philippine boy band sb19 went on a U.S tour.

They appeared in several shows, including Fox's, Morning Show Zach sang show and others twice did the same thing aside from travel expenses.

They could spend more on the performances jimin.

For example, had backup dancers.

And most of those are probably members of the Union as well.

They get paid anywhere between 250 to 1500.

They also get paid for the rehearsal.

For example, a dancer may have been paid 500 for the appearance and another 500 for the rehearsal.

He had eight dancers that would be eight grand easy.

Jimin's clothing was provided by Dior and his accessories by Tiffany.

However, the clothes of the backup dancers are usually provided that's another expense.

They also rented a place for rehearsal and food during rehearsal and performance for that trip to New York jimin also had with him P dog and some regular staff members like their styling and makeup team security and filming team.

Their travel expenses are paid for outside of their fees or salaries.

Some of the most affordable hotels close to Rockefeller Center, where Jimmy Fallon show films are about 350 per night, but I, honestly doubt, big hit will make Jim and stay in a three-star.


I'd say, five-star hotel is more like his Jam that could be anywhere between 750 to 10 grand per night, depending on the room, of course, food again depends on where they are eating our room service in a five-star hotel will probably cost you an arm, a leg, a kidney and half your brain if you're grabbing a bagel and a coffee in one of the thousands of stalls in New York damage will probably be less than ten dollars.

Now how much do management companies and artists spend on Korean music shows management companies will have to spend on the same things backup dancers, clothing, makeup, food, assistance, security, gas and others.

Some stylists may be able to pull clothes from Brands.

If they are already established that will save them some money on clothing.

But of course, the stylist needs to get paid if they are employed by the agency salary could be anywhere between 33 Grand to about 60 annually.

If the stylist is paid per hour, it could be anywhere between 15 to about 30.

The makeup artist pay range is just a bit less than the stylist.

And of course, there's the manager or Security in the US.

We call them Brody.

Security is another expense gas food and others all told it costs them about anywhere between five grand per show to 20 grand again.

It depends on the performance, the popularity of the idol and the type of production that they are doing.

So if they are paid so little, why do Idols do it for exposure marketing promotion? Whatever it is that you want to call it.

You are getting broadcasted to the country's biggest stations and most popular shows that's more than enough of a returning investment, the way to compute It Is by airtime costs.

So for example, and this is just an example, it costs.

Ten thousand dollars to air a 30 second TV commercial in that music show, then a four minute performance would be worth 60 000.

Even if the group spends ten thousand, they still made their money back by getting the exposure.

They wouldn't have gotten otherwise and also remember captive audience with this shows, you are reaching hundreds of thousands of people who are intentionally watching a music show and music is what this Idols are offering that's the best captive audience.

You can get there are some groups BTS, for example, who consider music shows a way for them to give back to their fans.

Their fans can come to the show and see them in person for free and it's also a little bit more intimate.

So for them that's more than worth the expenses and their time do Iris get paid to be on a fashion magazine cover for the most part.

No celebrities are not paid for appearances on the cover or inside pages.

Instead, the pr value of the photo, The Prestige distributed to thousands or a million stents as compensation.

However, there are some instances when a magazine strikes a deal with a celebrity in order to create a special issue, rolling stone, for example, published a BTS special with eight different covers one for each member and a group one magazines can use their cover story as a pitch to advertise in order to secure more advertisers, special Partnerships.

And of course, sell more copies.

Musicians like other celebrities, hit it big with endorsements and concerts for musicians that's, really the bulk of their income.

They don't get a lot from streaming or TV appearances, sb19.

The most popular boy band in the Philippines was stacked by Pepsi to be an endorser that's.

Seven figures.

Easy jimin was stopped by Tiffany and Co.

Again, that's seven figures easy, but in dollars, but remember that their management companies take a cut.

They also have to pay their taxes if they are working in the US.

They do need to get a work permit and then pay their taxes and then pay their taxes in South Korea, too.

Same thing is true with other foreign celebrities like Filipino celebrities.

If they come to the US to earn money, they do need to get a work permit, and then they need to pay their taxes in the U.S and also pay their taxes in their home country.

So even if for example, jimin gets paid 10 million by Tiffany and Co.

He won't be taking home, 10 million Uncle Sam, that's.

The US needs his car.

And then South Korea means their cut, and then big hit will take a cut it's rare for celebrities to be able to take home, 50 percent of their income after commissions and taxes, hi.

That was a lot.

Okay, but I do want to hear your thoughts, please share them in the comment section below I would love to learn from you.

You can say, whatever it is that you want.

You are welcome here.

Everyone has the uh, the right to say, whatever it is that they want for as long as they say it respectfully, don't.

Take anything personally, you can leave your comments in the comment section below, or you can get in touch with me in any of the social media links that you see on your screen right now and please don't forget to like subscribe and hit that notification button.

And of course, of course, share the video if you can thank you.


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