Easiest Method To Write The Amazon Writing Sample So Its Exactly What They Want (2023)


In this video I provide detailed structure and tips on how to write a top quality amazon writing sample. The writing sample is a CRITICAL part of the assessment, that many candidates don't take as seriously as they should. If you're applying for a senior level role or even some junior level ones in teams like Product or Finance you're going to be asked to submit a writing sample for your Amazon interview. This video takes you step by step how to write a great response to the Leadership Principle behavioural question, you’ll be asked to submit if you make it to the final round.

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Back okay, so today's video is about the writing sample that you may or may not get asked to do if you are interviewing for kind of a mid-level and above role in amazon, you will definitely get asked to do one some more junior roles are also asked to do them, depending on the nature of the role that they're going for.

So forgive me, I've got some notes with me today.

This is quite a detailed video.

And I wanted to make sure that I didn't, forget anything.

So forgive me, if I look up and down, okay.

So writing in amazon is super important.

Amazon is a very document based business.

Uh, powerpoint has its place, but it's a very limited place.

So you might see powerpoint, for example, in town hall meetings or in training, but other than that.

Powerpoint is not used the way decisions are made in amazon is that people write a long form document either say, two pages or six pages.

People go into a meeting.

They sit down.

They read the document in silence.

They make notes.

They capture their thoughts.

And then for the rest of the meeting, the the group will discuss their documents and their thoughts, so that's how it works.

Now that could be a kind of a business review document, or it might be a business requirement document where you're developing a product for a customer.

It might be a strategy document, but either way anyway, it's going to be a written document.

So being able to write clearly and concisely in amazon is absolutely fundamental to success and that's.

Why you are asked to provide a writing sample ahead of the interview process.

So that's, the kind of the reason why you're being asked for it, what you will be asked for if you are asked to do a writing sample is effectively you'll be given a behavioral slash competency-based question to answer in the written form in the same way that you would be asked that same question, if you were actually having an interview, and you need to write that and then submit, it ahead of your interview.

So I have six kind of key things that are that are worth thinking about when you are planning.

And in the process of writing your submission.

So number one is around structure.

So there are obviously a number of ways that you could structure that type of a document.

My recommendation is that actually you follow the star process.

Method there's, lots of kind of videos and documents out there about star I'm, not going to go over it now but star effectively means situation task action result.

And most of you are going to plan your interview examples exactly using that structure.

So logic kind of dictates that if it's the same question or type of question that you're going to get in a spoken interview and you're going to use the star method makes sense that in a written document.

You also follow that star method, it's just kind of a really easy shortcut to make sure that you are super super focused on what exactly you are intending to put in that.

Paragraph if it's the situation section its situation, if it's the task section it's task, if it's the action section is the action.

And if it's the result section it's, the result, there's just a really easy framework to help keep you in a really really clear structure.

So that's, my first tip.

My second tip actually is about font.

Now, it's not going to make any difference to the quality of your document the font that you use, but you're going to have to pick something.

So in that you're going to have to pick something my suggestion is, you may as well, pick collaborate 10.

Amazon documents are in the main written in collaboration.

So if I am the bar raiser reviewing your written sample or the hiring manager reviewing your written sample, if I'm looking at something in collaborate, 10 it's at least kind of on a font basis, pretty familiar and my brain doesn't have to think about it twice.

So as I said, it's, not going to be a game changer, it's not going to make a major difference, but you're going to pick something.

So you may as well, pick collaborate collaboration.


So the next one is about brevity.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, people in amazon have to read a lot of docs every day, and nobody wants to spend their time reading through reams and reams and reams of words and sentences that could have been said in a far more concise fashion.

So your writing sample needs to show that you can write with conciseness.

So the guidance I always give my own teams when they're writing docs is to write it long.

First just get your thoughts down on the paper.

As I mentioned the situation, the task the action.

And the result just get the long version written down, it's really really hard to both write your ideas down and edit at the same time.

So part the editing just get the thoughts down on the paper.

Once you've done that, then you can go back and start to do your editing and be brutal with yourself challenge yourself.

Can you reduce the number of sentences that you are using to land a point? Can you change four words into two words and still learn the same message, really edit, edit, edit super important.

You've got those two pages, and you want to make sure that every single word that you have on that page is delivering for you so that's, my next tip brevity.

So my next tip on top of that is specificity.

So in amazon documents, amazon likes specifics.

Nobody wants to read lots of customers do x or sales.

Increased a lot that is not specific every single amazon document has to be specific.

So when you're making statements like that, instead of many customers do x say, 10 of customers do x, or if you're going to say, I increased a metric from the work that I did don't just say, I increased.

It say, I increased the metric from x to y, or I increase the metric by 10, or I increase the metric by 100 bits, whatever that might be, but be specific that again, really really shows that the way you write is very aligned to the way you have to write if you're in amazon so be specific when you make statements.


So the next one is around data.

So maybe I should have done data and specificity the other way around.

However, it's really important, if you can to include data points in your writing example, as I'm sure you all know, amazon is a super data, centric organization, almost every single decision ever made in amazon is based on solid data.

So if you can use data points in your writing sample, again, it gives the organization and the interviewers lots of evidence that you already think and behave in the way that you would need to inside amazon.

So it doesn't need to be a sales metric.

But it does need to be some kind of metric so percentages or response rates or sales volumes, efficiency, metrics, whatever it might be.

But a very specific data point helps the interviewer, see that you already think like an amazonian.


So the last one, I mean, it's, a super basic, one spelling and grammar, please, honestly in my interviews I've read so many, uh, writing submissions.

And it kills me, absolutely kills me when I'm reading a document and just the basics are not covered spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, like it's, such a basic and it's, not that that making mistakes.

There will kind of mean that you you.

You fail, your interview process, but it is really indicative of what amazon thinks of as an insist on the highest standards is if there is ever a time that you insist on a high standard for yourself and make sure that your work is as perfect as it could possibly be that time has to be when you're trying to interview for a role.

So if you aren't capable of doing that when you're interviewing for a job, then the interviewer, can't really have confidence that you're gonna do that in your everyday working at amazon.

So it's, a super basic one, but it really really matters.

And it tells so much about you and your personal standards.

So get it right? Use grammarly give it to somebody else to review, but do not submit a writing sample with spelling and grammar mistakes, it's such an easy one, not to mess up on, and quite frankly, it's one that so many people mess up on it's crazy.


So those are my six tips for the writing sample, hopefully that's been helpful for you.

And I will see you next time.

There are plenty more videos with tips and thoughts on the amazon interview process on my youtube channel.

So if you search for amazon interview wiz, you should be able to find me.


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