Comfrey Salve (how to make for topical use) For arthritis, back and joint pain, old injuries, etc. (2023)


Comfrey is one of the most powerful natural remedies known. It has been shown in peer-reviewed, scientific journals to be beneficial in arthritis, back pain, sprained ankles etc. People have even found benefit to old bone injuries and even frost bite neuropathy. We had a friend write us yesterday who tried it this week on a rotator cuff injury and within one day was feeling better. Have you ever tried it out personally?

Comfrey Salve from our friend Sofia

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This right here is one of the most important herbs that you want to grow in your herb garden.

It is one of the most incredible natural remedies according to the evidence-based scientific literature.

And this is the plant called comfrey we're going to show you in this video, how to make a comfrey sab that may help you with various aches and pains or those around you.

You may be a help to other people who may be in need.

Hey, everybody, chad, cruiser here with health and homestead it's.

Latin name means I grow together.

This is something that has been used to grow bones back together.

I have another video on this, where I go deep in detail into the scientific literature research has been done in the evidence-based, peer-reviewed literature that looks at the effect of comfrey root on various different diseases, we're going to talk about that in a minute, but I'm going to share with you just one study to give you an idea of how potent and powerful this herb can be a study was performed looking at the effect of comfrey root cream versus a pharmaceutical gel on ankle.

Sprains after seven days, there was statistically significant increased benefit in the comfrey group, compared to those taking the pharmaceutical medication and the patients.

And the doctors rated the efficiency of the comfrey cream, better than the pharmaceutical medication.

Just this morning, literally, just this morning, a friend of ours had written.

Now they wrote last night, we didn't catch the text and they said, hey, I just hurt my rotator cuff is there? Do you think it would work to use that cream that you had given me? Because we we believe in this so much that we we give it out to friends? We didn't get to return the text, but our friend wrote us back this morning.

She said, I used it.

My arm is feeling so much better.

And so I absolutely believe in this based on people's personal experiences, but also because the peer-reviewed literature, some people use the root, sometimes they use the leaves so we're going to be using the leaves in this particular situation.

What we've done here we've taken some of the leaves.

We've dried it in a dehydrator.

You could simply hang them up.

And then you can either blend them, or you can use a mortar and pestle to break that up.

So that you end up having a comfrey powder, we have seen people come with testimonies of help with their arthritis, their carpal tunnel, also bone, spurs torn, rotator, cuffs and sprains and bruises back pain, pinched nerves and a lot of different problems with bones and joints.

We grow this comfrey, and I harvest it and hanging out in the line.

And I blend it up one time.

We were running a little bit low.

So we wanted to buy some comfrey's to keep our supply going.

We got it in the mail, and we opened it up.

It was supposed to be organic, high quality, comfrey leaves.

But when we opened it and looked at it, it was brown colored.

It had parts of other plants in it.

And so we did not feel right putting that in our salves and saying that it would help people when we weren't sure because it had other plants, and who knows what in it.

So we still grow our own comfrey and harvest it to ensure the top quality comfrey goes into ourselves.

The first thing we do in making comfrey sav is we get one ounce of beeswax? We put it in a glass container.

Then we use light tasting or classic olive oil.

We fill it up to the one cup mark.

Then we take this, and we put it in some boiling water and melt the beeswax now that our mixture is melted.

We can take this out put it right here and we'll measure out our comfrey powder.

We need 0.1 ounce 0.1 ounce.

We will put .1 ounce comfrey powder into our olive oil, beeswax mixture and stir it in.

It turns a really nice green color once it's all mixed up, I pour it into my little jars here.

Now we will let this cool.

It depends on the temperature of the air to see how long it'll take to harden, but you'll, see it it's like a dark, green, green color and it'll, be light and solidified when it's ready to use.

There was a lady who wrote us and said that she had frostbite in her feet, really bad 20 years before.

And there was still recurring pain that she didn't know how to get rid of.

So she ordered some of my comfrey, savvy, shipped it to her, and she had regularly put it on and told us that the pain had left.

And she had been relieved after 20 years of pain.

One wednesday, night, my dad, and I were at a bible study a group bible study at the church.

And a lady was sharing with us that her husband was having a lot of pain.

He was in a wheelchair.

He could not walk and his pain medications just weren't working anymore.

So I had some of this comfy sap in my bag.

So we gave it to her and told her to put it on her husband's hip three times a day.

So she did that then in a few days we saw her again.

We asked how.

He was doing, she said that he had stood up for the first time in two months.

So we were pretty excited.

But we told her keep putting it on three times a day.

A week later we saw them, and he was walking.

We saw him walking kind of, um weak, but he was still doing it and then a week and a half later we saw him again, and he was confidently walking, and he has not needed to go in a wheelchair since another exciting testimony is of a man who told me that he had heard a little bit of the plant.

Comfrey and so I showed him.

I had comfrey sav on my table and so he was excited to buy some and try it out next time.

I saw him it.

Was a few months later.

He told me that he had been regularly putting comfrey sav on his legs where he had varicose vein problems, and that he was going to need surgery for.

But he told me that the comfy set had taken his varicose, veins and shrunken them.

So he did not need surgery anymore.

And there was no pain left.

We were at a conference, and I had displayed all my different salves and other things.

And the person next to us who had also his booth had a sprained ankle.

And he had to stand there.

So the pain was getting kind of bad.

So he had to sit down most of the time.

Well, he came over and bought some comfrey sap from me.

And he told us later that day that his ankle was not hurting so bad.

So he could stand at his booth and walk.

And he was very blessed.

This is something that just happened within the last week.

Our neighbor came up.

And he told us that he had a torn cartilage in his knee.

So we gave him some comfrey sav.

And within 24 hours, his cousin was at our door asking for some coverage set for her mother because her cousin had been doing so much better within 24 hours.

So if you like this video, please hit the subscribe button hit.

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How do you make comfrey salve for arthritis? ›

Fill a jar about 2/3rds full with dried comfrey leaves or dried comfrey root. Cover with a neutral oil, such as olive oil, and allow the herbs to infuse into the oil for about 4-6 weeks before straining. If you're using fresh herbs, or trying to make comfrey salve in less than 4-6 weeks, try the heat infusion method.

How do you make comfrey ointment? ›

You can make this by combining eight tablespoons of olive oil and eight of coconut oil in a pan on a low heat. Then add the comfrey as directed in step 2. Once the mixture has been strained, return to the pan on a low heat and melt in four tablespoons of beeswax pellets.

How do you make healing comfrey salve? ›

  1. Place crushed comfrey leaves in an empty honey jar and cover with oil.
  2. Stand jar (without lid) in a pan of warm water – make sure the water reaches half way up the jar.
  3. Gently heat the water and allow to simmer for 20 mins.
  4. Strain out the comfrey and return jar (with now infused oil) to the water pan.
Sep 7, 2022

Is comfrey good for back pain? ›

Effective for lower back pain relief

Two double-blind, randomized controlled clinical trials showed significant pain relief when compared with a placebo on an external application of comfrey root extract gel on the back.

How do you make joint pain salve? ›

  1. .8 Ounces Beeswax Pellets.
  2. 10 Drops Pine Essential Oil.
  3. 12 Drops Turmeric Essential Oil.
  4. 7 Drops Helichrysum Essential Oil.
  5. 15 Drops Lavender Essential Oil.
  6. 10 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil.
  7. 10 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil.
  8. 6 Drops Rosemary Essential Oil.

Can comfrey ointment help arthritis? ›

Comfrey ointments have been used to heal bruises as well as pulled muscles and ligaments, fractures, sprains, strains, and osteoarthritis. In the past, comfrey was also used to treat stomach problems.

What should you not do with comfrey? ›

Broken or damaged skin: Don't apply comfrey to broken or damaged skin. Doing so might expose you to large amounts of the chemicals in comfrey that can cause liver damage and other serious health effects. Liver disease: Comfrey might make liver disease worse.

What is the best carrier oil for comfrey salve? ›

Fill a pint jar about ½ to ⅔rds full of dried comfrey leaf, then cover the plant material with your carrier oil of choice. You can use a single carrier oil or a combination of oils. My favorite combination for making salves is equal parts of olive, coconut, and sweet almond oils.

What essential oil is good in comfrey salve? ›

Ingredients- Comfrey leaf and root, organic olive oil, frankincense essential oil, beeswax, vitamin E oil.

What is the best carrier oil for comfrey? ›

Materials and ingredients for homemade comfrey oil

Carrier oil: Which oil you use comes down to preference, and there are a few great options. Extra virgin olive oil is an affordable, super moisturizing option and works well in salves. Coconut oil and grapeseed oil are also skin-friendly, antioxidant-rich options.

Is comfrey good for nerve pain? ›

Comfrey root extract can mainly be used for topical nerve pain management, swelling in muscle, acute myalgia in the back, strain, contusion and distortion, epicondylitis, tendovaginitis, and periarthritis [19].

Does comfrey heal cartilage? ›

The herb contains allantoin, which encourages bone, cartilage and muscle cells to grow. Its medicinal actions are cell proliferation, astringent and demulcent.

What is the best herb for lower back pain? ›

Some herbs are used topically to treat back and neck pain including: arnica flowers, distilled witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) bark/leaf, ginger rhizome, balsam poplar (Populus basalmifera) buds, chaparral (Larrea tridentata), medicine sage (Artemisia ludoviciana), Saint John's wort oil, lobelia (Lobelia inflata) ...

What salve is good for arthritis? ›

ProductForbes Health RatingsAverage price per ounce
Bengay Ultra Strength Cream4.9$1.98
IcyHot Pain Relieving Balm4.8$2.13
Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Pain Relieving Cream4.8$2.57
Sportscreme Deep Penetrating Rub4.8$3.03
6 more rows
May 24, 2023

How do you make arthritis balm? ›

Ingredients required: 4 tbsp coconut oil, 2 tbsp natural beeswax, 2 drops eucalyptus oil, 2 drops peppermint oil, 2 drops lavender oil and 2 drops rosemary oil.

Is comfrey root or leaf good for salve? ›

It's the leaves that you want to use to make medicinal salves. Once dried, it's easy to use them to make comfrey oil. You use comfrey oil directly on the skin or mixed with other ingredients to make this Healing Salve. Please note that comfrey is a powerful medicinal herb and should not be used in daily skincare.

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